Skincare Secret- Manuka Doctor


My skin really is the softest it has ever been in YEARS lately, and it’s ever since I started using some items from the Manuka Dr. range.

It's quite different from regular products in that a lot of the ingredients are entirely natural, and contain of course, the wondrous Manuka honey which has SO many benefits for your skin. I love the packaging; simple, chic and classic, yet still have a luxurious feel to them. Everything is around £25, so it's affordable and mid-range kind of products.

My skin has a tendency to be rather oily; so I was a little apprehensive about using the Brightening Facial Oil. But I truly couldn’t have been more wrong.

It includes some super nourishing ingredients, which are amazing for anti ageing, such as avocado, argon and rosehip oil.

It’s housed in a sleek glass bottle with a handy pipette, which disperses just the right amount (three drops for my whole face to be exact!) of oil.  The smell itself is rather unusual. It’s kind of medicinal. Its not unpleasant, but I wouldn’t call it refreshing. It didn’t put me off however. I was quite surprised at how lightweight it was; it simply sinks into the skin, taking a couple of minutes to absorb completely.

I follow this with using the Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Cream

This cream smells (in contrast to the oil) delicious. It has a fresh, creamy-like smell that has an aroma of freshly washed clothes! Random but so true! It contains purified bee venom and leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple. What I love the most about this, is its light enough as a regular daytime moisturiser, and still nourishing enough to repair your skin at night. It claims to improve skins appearance and elasticity and I can definitely see a difference since I began using this; my boyfriend even remarked my skin looked like it had been ‘filtered!’

And lastly, I have been reaching for the Manuka Honey itself. I know honey is honey- but this stuff genuinely tastes better. Its thicker, and a little sweeter than supermarket jars I have purchased before. I mix two tablespoons with lemon juice and hot water before bed, as a really refreshing, comforting drink. Totally natural, and heaps better for you than hot chocolate! This kind of drink is not only a natural remedy if you have a sore throat, but again; great for the skin for detoxifying. I’m loving this new, natural me!

And lastly; I want to do a shout out to these gorgeous flowers I have used in this post- the are from Forever Flowers UK; an amazing florist. You can order through their Instagram account. 

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