Get Glowing skin simply!


Glowing skin. Its all everyone wants right? Give me fresh skin over a face full of matte foundation any day. As much as contouring is fabulous, it can look a bit ‘done’ and rather harsh at times. Fresh skin that glows is much more youthful. And it’s so easy to achieve! You just need a light foundation, and a bit of highlighter.

I’ve made so many new beauty discoveries recently, and I'm loving the combination of the new L’Oreal Cushion foundation, teamed with Seventeen’s Three Way Skin highlighter.

The L’Oreal Cushion Foundation is everywhere at the moment, and I can see why. This cute little compact houses a liquid foundation, which is absorbed into a sponge, then encased into a handy pot. One of the reasons I applaud this, is that its so fuss free; much less mess than using a regular make-up sponge. (FYI, please excuse the battered compact in these pics. However it does show how much I use it!)

It actually comes with a puff applicator, which is placed on a hinged cap that contains the foundation; you need to ‘flip’ it up to open. Personally, I don’t use the pad; I use my trusty Real Techniques buffing brush to apply. 

Its such a lightweight formula, a fluidy texture that glides easily over the skin. It absorbs well, and you can use a small amount if you want a sheerer look, or build up with more applications if you want a more medium coverage. The finish is dewy, definitely not sweaty, and it doesn’t crease at all.

I then apply Seventeen’s Three Way Highlighter. Although the packaging is a tad generic and rather uninspiring, it does have a pump dispenser, which is incredibly useful, not to mention economical! Its called a three way highlighter, as it claims to have three functions; use as a primer, mix it with your foundation or as a regular run of the mill highlighter. I personally don’t use primers so I can’t really comment on that, but I love mixing this in with my foundation, as it really does give my skin a boost of radiance! But, my fave way to use it is as a highlighting tool that I apply after my base has set.  I simply to dot it on my cheekbones, above my cupids bow, and down the bridge of my nose. It massively picks up the light, yet isn’t too overpowering for daytime light. And where it isn’t in powder form, it doesn’t simply ‘sit’ on the skin.

 The combination of both of these drugstore products is just fabulous- they give the skin a real sheeny glow. I heart them both!

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