10 fabulous ways to enjoy yourself, on a budget!


Lets face it, life can be pretty expensive. Mortgages, bills, car insurance, holidays, not to mention birthdays, Christmas presents and nights out! It all gets a bit much sometimes. However, I’m a firm believer you can still be happy on a budget. There are so many activities and simple things you can do, that doesn’t always involve wads of cash. You just have to change your mindset, and take a look around you! Here’s my top ten things to do that don’t cost too much dollar dollar dollar….

1. Chill out a bit!  One of the best things to do after a hectic evening is have a long hot bubble bath. It’s your chance to completely switch off, immerse yourself in bubbles and try to cleanse your mind.
Bubble bath is such an inexpensive luxury- one of my favoutites is actually the kiddies Matey one! I often have my best thoughts in the tub! Also, its great before bed- as it relaxes the body, ensuring you sleep well. Win Win!

2. As much as I hate exercise, I know its something that needs to be done. If I had it my way, I would slump on the sofa every night after work watching the Real Housewives of Cheshire with a bag of Doritos. However, going to an exercise class is such a good idea! 
My best friend Sarah and I always go to Zumba class on a Monday evening. As much as I hate the thought of it, I make myself go; take my mermaid flask of water, and just do it. Classes are great because they are usually under a tenner, and it’s so good for you- it’s a social thing too- a great laugh too if it’s with a friend. I’m dripping with sweat after but I know it’s done me good. Give it a go!

3. Life often moves at a million miles an hour, and I often get so busy that I forget to read, but it really is one of the best forms of escapism. 
Cuddle up on the sofa with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Great for the mind, great for the soul! Plus, who doesn’t love a book?

4. I will always be a magazine girl. There’s just something fabulous about flipping the pages and seeing all the lovely pictures, encased with words and features.  
I also love creating a mood board of inspiring photographs in a scrapbook. 
This is such an rewarding task- like your very own Pintrest board on paper. Plus it gets your creative flow going!

5. Colouring books are so inexpensive, and you can pick up packs of pencils from absolutely anywhere now. I love how calming it is, shading and creating a rainbow picture. 
I love the Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, but there are so many different types you can get. When I have a free afternoon, I just love getting my artistic head on! The motion of colouring, although may sound contrived, really does help you forget mundane problems. I can see why many consider it alternative therapy. 

6. Baking is one of those activities that's so easy to follow, not to mention therapeutic. You can get most recipes online- simply type what you are looking for on your phone and get cooking! 
I love making cakes of all kind, and it makes such a productive afternoon! It needn’t be expensive either- I get cooking ingredients from Aldi- also Poundland has the Jane Asher cake range for utensils and bake tins!

7. Sometimes you want to do something social with friends, but everyone has a busy schedule, and everyone has different budgets. But catching up with a friend, with a hearty coffee is such a quick and easy way to spend some time. 
A caramel latte and lots of gossip is so simple, but so enjoyable!

8. Some people hate rearranging their wardrobes, but I absolutely love doing a clear out. 
Get rid of any item you haven’t worn in a while- give to charity and just be frugal. Then arrange your clothes accordingly. I like to put my clothes in colour order- it looks so stylish, plus, it really helps clear your head, and think about what clothes you have for any occasion!

9. Go for a walk! Sounds rather obvious, but putting on your trainers, whacking out your headphones on a clear day and going for a two mile walk is such a good form of exercise, doesn’t take long, and is absolutely free. 
Plus, its nice to be outside in the great outdoors at times.

10. If you live near London, why not take a trip? 
A lot of the art galleries are free, plus I love going to stores like Liberty and Selfridges- as they have the best window displays that are so stunning to look at. 
Plus, they make the best Instragram pictures!

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  1. I love this! Baths, books, magazines, baking - sometimes you just have to take a bit of me time :)

    corrie |