The New Fashion Trend- Shells!


Now the weather is warmer, fashion becomes that little bit lighter, breezier and just freer in general. When I think of the summer months, I think of the beach. And when I think of the beach, I automatically think of shells. 

Shells are having a huge fashion moment right now; they are part of the whole bohemian vibe that transcends around this time of year, and crustaceans have never been more chic! 

Shell jewellery is very popular- surfer style bracelets and necklaces look great with prairie tops, and also are the perfect accessory for festival fashion. I love this embellished clutch bag from New Look; it would look fab slung over a linen dress for a holiday feel. Sandals decorated with shells are also very hippy-esque;  team them with cut-off denim shorts for a relaxed, yet stylish look. Any mermaid would be proud!

1.     £7.99, H and M
2.     £24.99, New Look
3.     £17.99, New Look
4.     £19.00, Accessorize
5.     £3.99, H and M
6.     £19.99, New Look
7.     £35, Accessorize
8.     £24.99, H and M

9.     £3.99 New Look

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