Primark PS PRO Make-Up Review


High-end make up is something that I think most beauty obsessed women lust after. Many ladies have the mantra that if you spend more- the product generally tends to be better quality. Personally, I usually agree with this particular logic. Occasionally however, you do come across an inexpensive gem, and I think Primark’s new PS..PRO range is actually not bad at all.

When I first saw the products, I was pleasantly surprised at indeed how professional looking they are. All products are accompanied with a separate box. Instead of using the cheap Perspex and child-like bright colours and shapes; everything is black and white. The outer packaging is all-round very stylish. You wouldn’t initially look at it, and assume it was from Primark. I think this is quite deliberate.

FYI- this isn’t going to be an extensive review of each individual item, but I will give you a brief rundown of my thoughts, and what is worth buying in my humble opinion.

Il start with the Longwear Mineral Foundation. As it’s now Spring/Summer, I opted for a slightly darker shade that matches my (fake!) tanned skin- which is Warm Beige. The frosted glass bottle and pump dispenser is aesthetically pleasing and better than some cheaper counterparts. The pump disperses a reasonable amount of product; two pumps together with my Real Techniques buffing brush to apply, covers my entire face easily. It sets well, and the coverage is reasonable- buildable even.  I would however say its more of a light covering; a BB style product. It does last ages though- I applied it in the morning and I didn’t need to reapply throughout the day.

The Mattifying Primer is encased it a sleek white tube, which is again very simple and attractive. The texture is very smooth, when you first squeeze it, it looks like a cream, but once applied it turns in to  a pleasant gel-like consistency. The texture reminds me a little of the Benefit Porefessional, and it sinks well into the skin, providing a good base for make-up. I’m liking this ladies! I’m not a huge primer girl, but this one is a great find and at £5, is extremely affordable if you are on a budget and want your base to last longer.

The Rich Colour Lipstick in Iconic Nude is another winner. The shade is a flattering terracotta nude. The colour payoff is really quite opaque which shocked me- I didn’t really have hopes for this but its actually really moisturizing, which I imagine is due to the main ingredient being Vitamin E. 

I used it with with my Spice lip liner from MAC and it gave me an impressive, 90’s style finish. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘click’ tube. It’s a little fussy; a twist off lid would have sufficed. However, that’s not really a problem when the lippy itself is this good!

My absolute favourite product in the range is this adorable little Lip Scrub. It is again, enriched with Vitamin E and almond oil, which gives a sweet, Moorish scent when applied. The scrub formula, (due to the sugar granules) is great at buffing off dead skin cells. I’ve been using this before bed and it gives my lips such a soft texture after use. Plus, the little pot is so small and diddy!

Lastly this Miracle Pencil is an bonus extra. The skin coloured pencil is a handy tool for applying in the inner corners of the eyes and also a gentle liner around the lips to add more volume. I like this product, the lead is soft and it applies well, but it’s a kind of a take it or leave it item- its nice to have, but not a necessity.

All in all, the range is affordable, sophisticated to look at, and a few of the items are good, well received products that I definitely would re-purchase. I stand corrected- cheaper can sometimes be better!

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  1. I bought chestnut foundation today I hope it OK for acne darkbskin