Current Lip Combo- Kylie Jenner Style!


The 90’s lip is a trend that just won’t go away, and I’m forever searching for the best shade to perfect my inner Kylie Jenner pout. It’s a well-known fact in the beauty world that Kylie favours Soar lip liner and Velvet Teddy lipstick by MAC. I have both these items, and admittedly they do give ones lips the desired look, but I find Velvet Teddy a tad dark, and I’ve never really got along with Soar; it just doesn’t suit me.

So, my search began and I stumbled across Faux, a lesser-known shade, but equally as sumptuous. Faux is a toned-down version of Brave; another popular colour in the ‘Kylie’ set.  I would describe it as the ultimate pink brown- with a flattering satin finish. It’s a neutral toned shade, with a very slight rose undertone and a prominent brown tint, but not in any way overpowering. It doesn’t accentuate dryness, and is very moisturising once applied.  What I love about is this, is it’s not a wishy, washy colour, but highly pigmented and one application gives a strong opaque result.

This shade goes particularly well with Spice, a classic lip liner that has cult status. A lot of people consider Spice to be a staple product. The packaging oozes sophistication and simplicity- like all MAC products. The cinnamon shade, which has terracotta undertones, is one of those colours that simply suits all skin types, as it’s a warm-toned and a flattering, basic shade. The colour payout is brilliant- you could colour your entire lips with this if you wanted, but it is quite drying. I line my lips with this, and fill them in with Faux, and the mix together gives me just right look I’m after.

In regards to making your lips plumper without squeezing in the filler a la King Kylie; it really is so easy to give the illusion of larger lips with both liner and lipstick. I simply sharpen my liner, and gently trace a little outside of my natural lip line. Not too much, as you will look like Crusty the Clown, but just a little. The key is to do it subtly, with a steady hand. Then fill in with lipstick, and blot. You could also put a dab of highlighter just above your cupid’s bow, which will reflect the light, making the whole lip area appear larger. Easy when you know how!

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