April Beauty Favourites


How the frikedy frack can it be May?!!! Jeez I sound like an old lady but I swear it was January like a week ago?! Anyway, on to April beauty favourites. This month I haven’t got a huge amount of products, but I’ve discovered a couple of new bits and bats that I’ve been hearting :)

First up is the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 make- up remover. I actually use this exclusively for removing eye make-up, but it can be used also for the face. It reminds me of the very popular Clarins eye make up remover, but obviously a lot cheaper. The packaging is very basic and fuss free, but the remover itself is grand. I shake the liquid, and pop on a small cotton pad, and place all over my eyelid, dabbing at the makeup. It dissolves any eye makeup you have; even the most stubborn of mascaras. Plus it doesn’t irritate my eyes. It admittedly does leave a bit of residue, but nothing that can’t be wiped away. Plus, its £3 and lasts for AGES! Win win.

I have been using this Olay Complete Care Plus Everyday Sunshine for YEARS. I only tend to whack it out once the winter months have passed, as its quite dark. I use the deep shade- and complete my before bed moisturising routine, then add this last of all. It’s a moisturiser with a hint of self-tan in it. I apply this all over my face, massaging it with circular motions, ensuring I don’t get any in my eyes as it does irritate them. It dries quickly and the next day, I always wake up with an amazing natural bronzed face. Its so light, so doesn’t break me out either.  It means I don’t need any foundation at all- and it last a good few days too.

I am always on the hunt for a new mascara and I’m a little bit in love with this offering from Soap and Glory. Thick and Fast Mascara has a classic, thick brush with enormous bristles. The formula has a no flake technology, and this is what I adore the most- it really doesn’t flake at all. Also, I nearly always get that dreaded black mark under my eyes throughout the day after applying mascara, but I never do when I've used this. It separates each lash with ease and gives that dramatic look that many covet. I love the metallic packaging too. A great value for money product.

My last post was a review of Benefit’s fabulous Dew the Hoola- check it out here if you wanted a more detailed description. However I can tell you that I love this little gem of a product! A fantastic facial tanner for an on the go colour with no fuss. Plus its SO pretty!

Yes, another Soap and Glory make-up product- this time a sumptuous lipstick. I was browsing in Boots and came across this rose gold bullet and immediately popped it in my basket.  The Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in Super Nude is a terracotta shade, with a blue-based undertone, so it gives the illusion of white teeth when applied. The colour payout is good- bold, long lasting and a smooth consistency. It also has a non-offending sweet smell when applied. I find this lipstick really moisturising and quite nourishing on the lips, despite its matte finish.

I am quite relaxed with my hair in the week; I let it dry naturally, and pop on a bit of Argon oil to nourish my split ends. Before I leave the house lately though, I’ve been sparingly applying this Beach Matte Texturising Salt Spray by Schwarzkopf. I spritz it all over the lower section of my hair where it naturally curls, and it gives my mop a great, mermaid waved look that keeps in place all day. A great spray to use in the absence of blow-drying.

Lastly, I’ve been using this Coco Loco Coconut Mask by Lee Stafford. I love Lee’s products; they are always fabulously packaged with fun colours, and always smell gorgeous.  This mask is no exception and didn’t disappoint. I love the coconut scent and obviously the main ingredient being coconut is great as it has super nourishing properties that really do repair your hair. I use an egg-sized amount after shampoo and conditioning, and it feels like a really rich bath for my hair- a massive treat. My hair always feels so soft after using this. 

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