A Guide to the Best Restaurants in London


One of the most wonderful things about my job (and something I will be eternally greatful for) is the fact I get to visit the most amazing restaurants in London. I can honestly say I never take this perk for granted, ever. I am so fortunate. People often ask me where my most favourite places to eat are; so I thought I would compile a kind of advice guide of places I think are really worth a visit- in my humble opinion of course, accompanied by snapshots I have taken. I have selected different categories- there’s something for everyone!

Best for Cocktails:  Steam and Rye

This fabulous bar co owned by Kelly Brook is a must visit for anyone wanting incredibly tasty cocktails that are stunning to look at. Its classically American themed- the food is typically burgers, fries, ribs galore, but the cocktails are truly the best bit. 
The cocktail list is colourful and extensive, but my personal faves are the Maizeballs, (which comes complete with popcorn) and the Five Dollar Shake (which is loaded with cream, sprinkles, and even a Fab Lolly) they are filling, but so worth it.  Great for any type of occasion, plus, happy hour is daily from 5-7, with 50% off!

Best for French toast: The Wolseley

This large and airy restaurant located next door to the Ritz, has the most fabulous, decadent décor, a quintessentially English menu, and just oozes class. The breakfast menu is pretty epic, and is a fave amongst celebs. I saw Lily Allen in there once! 
The French toast is to die for. Sweet, generous portion, and covered in maple syrup, with your choice of bacon or berries. Totes delish!

Best SushiSushi Samba

This famously trendy restaurant is notoriously hard to get a table due to its never dwindling popularity. But it is totally deserved. Positioned on the 82nd floor of the Heron Tower, the views are incredible, the staff impeccable and the sushi is beautifully presented, and not to mention mouth wateringly good. Great for large groups as you can all share various dishes.
 In a couple however, it will cost you a little more. But it’s worth it. Try to go in the evening- the atmosphere is electric!

Best Breakfast With a View: Aqua Shard

The views speak for themselves and are truly out of this world; especially if you manage to get a window seat. London looks like a miniature toy town you are up so high. 
There’s something wondrous about watching the world go by from such a great height. Sleek, chic, and pristine, its very trendy and the Lobster Eggs Benedict is one of the best style of eggs I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Best Brunch: Roka

If there’s a group of you, and you want a bottomless brunch in the city, go to Roka. 
It’s really that simple. Smart, modern, and the sushi is to die for. Plus, the deal that they do is blooming brilliant- £45 and you get a welcome bellini, wine throughout your meal, sushi platters, sharing desserts galore and there’s also a self-service buffet style counter. Such great value.

Best Traditional English Grub: Roast

I visited this place twice over my birthday month last year, as the food was really that fantastic. 
Tucked away in Borough Market, a short walk from London Bridge, this large, airy restaurant does serve the best roast ever (well it aught to really!) the beef is grand and the portions are huge. Best roast dinner in London!

Best DécorBerner's Tavern

Just off Oxford Circus, Berners Tavern is a such a gem. The food is delicious, particularly the desserts. However, as shallow as it sounds, Berners Tavern is so grand and aesthetically pleasing- the entire wall space is covered with a plethora of framed artwork, and the high ceiling is ornate and really quite breathtaking! 
I love the general presentation; I visited recently and the box of macaroons and steel teapot were so delightful!

Best Birthday/Occasion Dinner: Bob Bob Ricard

Out of all the restaurants I have visited, I think Bob Bob Ricard may well be my very favourite. Located north of Piccadilly Circus, the 1920’s style furnishings, glamorous setting, dimmed lights and intimate booths create such an exclusive ambience, and the famous ‘Press For Champagne’ button is such a brilliant touch that features daily on Instagram. 
The food itself is way prettier than pictures; exceptional presentation and you just want to savor every mouthful! The truffle mash, and the mushroom pie are just sumptuous. If I could eat here every day, I really would.

Best for Instagram: Forest On The Roof, Selfridges

Yes, this does seem like a rather vacuous category, but I’m sure many media savvy gals will appreciate this one! 
I wrote a full review of this charming place here, so I won’t divulge too much, but each season the lovely people at Selfridges change the theme of the ‘Forest’ and the famous corridor which was once decorated with fairy lights and twigs, is now decked out in springtime flowers. It’s just gorgeous to pose next too, and the food is simple, tasty and delicious. 
The steak, fish and chips, and the espresso martini are winners! Plus, when the weather is nice, you can even sit outside!

Best Full English breakfast:  The Ivy Market Grill

The Ivy is one of those massively famous restaurants that everyone enjoys, and the Ivy Market Grill is very similar to its ‘big sister’ but just slightly more relaxed- no need for reservations. The décor is traditional and classic and of course, very stylish and elegant. 
The staff are lovely and attentive- giving great recommendations. The Full English breakfast was the perfect portion size- not too big, wonderfully filling, and looks just fab on the plate! Not cheap, but reasonable. All in the heart of Covent Garden.

Best Dinner With a View: The Sky Garden

As we all know, rooftop dining with a view is commonplace in London these days. However, the current Queen of them all has to be the Sky Garden. There’s been such a buzz about this place since it’s opening, and its well deserved. The huge 'walkie talkie' building overlooks all of London, and at night especially, it really does boast the most spectacular, 360-degree views. 
There are two restaurants- the Darwin Brasserie, which is more traditional food, and the Fenchurch, which leans towards the fine dining sector. I had the fish and chips in the Darwin, and the fish was expertly cooked and presented- it simply fell apart and was perfect. In the Fenchurch, I had an expertly cooked steak, and an exquisite chocolate and salted caramel torte with banana ice cream. The foliage and plants, together with the vast windows give it a very rainforest theme. Make sure you book however; the queue to get in without reservations can be formidable, particularly on a weekend.

Best Desserts: Duck and Waffle

In the most spectacular location, situated in the super high Heron Tower of Bishopsgate, Duck and Waffle is very special. Take a trip up in the high-speed lift to the 40th floor, where the views are rather epic! The signature dish is of course, the Duck and Waffle- a curious both sweet and savoury dish- a leg of confit duck leg, positioned on a juicy waffle, topped with a fried egg, with a sprinkle of maple syrup. This dish is available all day, and although sounds seriously weird- really does work!
I’ve been a few times, and last time I had this fabulous brownie and peanut butter sundae, which I would thoroughly recommend. Plus, its open 24 hours!

So this ones is a double whammy! I really couldn’t choose between these two. However, I must point out that if you are looking for a traditional afternoon tea setting, I wouldn’t bother with either of these two, as they are both very much a themed experience.  The Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson is such a delight- based on the Alice In Wonderland story, you get a variety of unique cakes and sandwiches, plus the cutlery and teapot feature abstract art, which is accompanied by a ‘drink me’ potion, and a jewellery box filled with sugar cubes! 
It’s such a girly, lovely idea, and great for a birthday or hen do. The cocktails in the bar afterward are equally as pleasing. Following on, the Pret a Portea at The Berkley is a must have for any fashion lover. 
The tea consists of a variety of biscuits and hand crafted cakes in the shapes of the seasons must-have designer items. It changes twice a year so you will always get to experience a new batch of expertly designed edible treats! It really is the most colourful, gorgeous spread, and I love the Paul Smith teacups. A bit pricy, but that’s fashion dahhhhling!

Best Atmosphere: Quaglino's

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the people who you are with that make it a great night. That being said, some places just have that kind of wonderfully fun, glamorous atmosphere- and Quags is one of them. 
Situated just a quick walk from Green Park station, the sparkly setup, is super art deco, with a centre piece bar that is very glitzy. Everything about it is very upmarket and luxurious, plus the cocktail menu is vast and well presented. Something to remember, is they really have some amazing lunch deals, so even if you are on a bit of a budget, you can dine in style. There’s a live band playing when you come of an evening, and many people get up and dance- its fun! A great place if you are looking for a good old-fashioned diner and dance!

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