The Embellished Clutch Edit


Finally the dreaded winter period of the year is departing, and its time to enjoy outdoor occasions that come hand in hand with spring and summer, such as BBQ's, weddings and of course Ascot. Whenever this season comes around, I tend to stock up on one item without fail- the embellished clutch. 

Embellished clutch bags are the most intricate accessory you can own- they are like the crown jewels, in the sense they snazz up any plain outfit, are gorgeous to look at, and add some much needed sparkle into our lives! My fave shop for clutches of beauty is Accessorize- I feel they have the biggest high street selection. However I have found some other gems at Jane Norman, Next and also New Look. 

You can nail a few trends at once with the embellished clutch- applique, bright colours, beads, and this seasons hottest trend- pom poms! For me, the brighter and prettier, the better. You are making a statement with these type of bags! Enjoy…

1. £35, Accessorize
2. £45, Acessorize
3. £22.99, New Look
4. £19.99, New Look
5. £22, Accessorize
6. £19.99, New Look
7. £35, Accessorize
8. £17.50,Jane Norman
9. £50, Next

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