Dairy Free

Super quick and healthy breakfast ideas!


So we all know that the whole eating clean ideology is EVERYWHERE at the moment. I have to confess I found it rather alienating initially- who really wants to cut out dairy and wheat?

Breakfast is such a difficult time of the day to create a nutritious, yet satisfying meal. It’s so easy to reach for the sugary cereals, bacon butties or toast with loads of jam. However, these three recipes are so quick and simple to do- plus they genuinely taste fab and will give you a positive step in the right direction.

First up- dairy free pancakes. My brother showed me how to make these and they really are the most SIMPLE pancakes in the world, not to mention the most natural!
Crack two eggs, place in a mug and whisk. Then take a banana, peal it, and mash it up with a fork. Add this to the whisked eggs and blend together.
Spray the frying pan with a few squirts of frylight. I love the coconut one!
Pour in the mix in a circular shape. The mix should be enough for two small pancakes. 
Once cooked (and flipped!) pop on a plate, and squeeze on lemon juice to sweeten. I then get creative and make faces with the fruit- strawberries and blueberries are great for for this! 
Obviously it won't taste like a stack of traditional pancakes from the Worsley with maple syrup, but they are not half bad and really do keep you filled up till lunch!

Second up is current fave- chia seed porridge. My dear friend Lauren got me into this- she found it on Amelia Freer's website.
You take two tablespoons of chia seeds and soak them with the juice from an orange, and leave overnight. The next day, you will see the seeds and juice have formed a frogspawn type of paste (it looks weird but trust me its worth it!)

You pop the frogspawn into your breakfast bowl, and mix in with a quarter cup of almond milk. Add in a dollop of pure coconut yoghurt (I use Coyo- expensive but delicious, and arguably the most purest form of coconut yoghurt) mix that in, then add fruit on the top. It is refreshing, yet surprisingly filling! Plus, no sugar, or dairy. Purer than pure!

Lastly, the good old avocado on toast. Take one ripe avocado, cut it in half, and remove the stones, and scoop the flesh into a bowl. Mash it up with a fork, and add some lemon juice and a pinch of salt to give it some welly. Then, spread on toasted rye bread or wholemeal toast, and sprinkle a few chili flakes on the top. I sometimes add a poached egg if I have a bit of time.

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