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Review of The Stylist by Rosie Nixon


When I heard about this debut offering from Rosie Nixon, I admit I was attracted to it initially for rather whimsical, vacuous reasoning. 1. Purely because of its namesake, and 2. The author- Rosie Nixon. Rosie is the much-respected editor of Hello magazine, and as a journo, how could I resist?

However, It’s SO much more than that! It tells the absolutely hilarious tale of the very down to earth Amber Green, a shop assistant in a uber trendy designer boutique in London, who just so happens to be accidently thrust into the arms of celebrity stylist to the stars Mona Armstrong. (Think Rachel Zoe of the real world) She is swiftly hired by her, quits her shop job to accompany her to LA for the awards season, and becomes a hot shot stylists assistant!

She soon learns that Mona is a bit of a diva, and its incredibly difficult working with such a control freak, whom barks orders to everyone like they are slaves. Some parts are very reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, (one of my fave books) and it really does illustrate the fast pace fashion world, and how many sacrifices you must make to work in the very desirable fashion industry.  As a fashion journalist, I have worked with some rather difficult characters and know a lot about endless returns, rushing around getting people coffee, and of course steaming hoards of garments, so I adored all the references; they made me smile.

Rosie’s writing is fast-paced, fun, witty and easy to follow, not to mention engaging. I loved the humorous moments, the lightness of it all.  She clearly knows what she is talking about, and would have seen it all in her job-, which is reflected in the plot. It’s a great commute read, and I devoured it each morning on the way to work. It doesn’t just focus on the stylish world of couture; it’s also about friendship (I want Amber’s bestie Vicky to my BFF she’s so cute) and not to mention the boy drama!

A must read; especially for all those fashionista’s out there!

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