Columbia Road Flower Market


Everyone knows that London is so much nicer when it’s sunny and the weather is warm. Everything looks much prettier than usual and the atmosphere is fabulous. I had heard so much about the infamous flower market at Columbia Road, and knew I simply had to stop by.
The market takes place every Sunday, from 8-2. I took my boyfriend along last week, and we made our way to Old Street tube. The market is a 10-minute straight walk from there, so super easy to get to. If in doubt, follow the stream of people laden with bouquets around the Shoreditch area!
The road itself is buzzing with people- its quite the hot spot! Flowers upon flowers upon flowers- every bloom you possibly think of is there. It’s a plethora of the most beautiful colours; I was really quite mesmerised! 
Be warned though- it’s busy. You have to jostle the crowds, but its well worth it just to be in the presence of such lovely flowers, and to take advantage of the bargains. The market traders have been there for years- and are the most cheery, lovely people you could ever wish to meet. They are happy to help and want to give you a great deal on bunches. There's some quaint vintage antique shops and tearooms adorning the road also, where you can pop in for a cuppa and people watch- the best type of activity!

The enormous choice of florals is the best part- I took a crisp £20 note with me and got 40 cream roses for a tenner, a large bunch of peonies (my fave) for a fiver, and a pink pineapple- the most unique specimen I ever did see! 
Afterwards we popped off to The Breakfast Club Liverpool Street which is close by, where we refilled with pancakes and cream which were delicious (beware though, you will have to queue on a Sunday as there’s no reservations) it’s worth it though!

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