Benefit Dew The Hoola Review


Who doesn’t love Benefit? I’ve been a huge lover of the brand for so many years now-; in fact I think the Hoola bronzer was one of the very first bronzers I ever purchased as a teenager. I love the Tiki theme, with the cute brush and bamboo print all over the box. The product itself is an impressive matte bronzer that’s a fabulous tool for contouring, as well as warming up the entire face without looking like you’ve been tangoed.

When I heard about Benefit extending their Hoola bronzing collection, I sat up and thought- I neeeeed whatever it is they are offering! Step up the aptly named Dew The Hoola- an instant liquid facial bronzer. I am not really a foundation girl, but I love to have a bit of a colour on my face, so was very keen to try this bad boy.

So- let’s start with the packaging. I really love the way Benefit have kept in with the theme of their original Hoola bronzer- it still has the bamboo embossing with the tropical finishing’s. It’s clearly a counterpart of the original product, and its visually stunning. And, like all Benefit products, it would look great on your dressing table.  I adore the rose gold packaging, and also the fact it comes with an uber useful pump dispenser.

When I initially swatched this on my hand, I was a bit concerned it looked rather orange, but once blended, it really does give your face a gorgeous, lightly browned, subtle bronzed look. The product itself reminds me of a liquid foundation- the consistency is creamy, so I use two small pumps to cover my entire face, and buff it in using a blending blush. It has a matte finish, so you wont get that annoying glittery look after you have applied it. It dries speedily and sets well- great for gals on the go. It lightly tans the face, but is buildable if you wanted a darker look. It also smells gorgeous- a really fresh, fruity smell. Not overpowering at all.

Caution though- be careful around your hairline and eyebrows when applying this; it does stick a little, so grab a baby wipe and wipe away the residue from around those areas. Also, I would only use this if you have actually tanned your body- don’t use just this product on the face accompanied by a pale body, as you will look rather strange!

That being said, if you are looking for a simple, easy to use facial tanner, or a top up on your face after a holiday perhaps, this super blendable and natural facial tanner is needed in your life.

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