Top 5 blazers and how to wear them


Blazers are such a versatile item to have in your wardrobe that literally go with anything. And, they don’t have to be androgynous! Some have great feminine cuts that skim the body- some are in bold, punchy colours. Here are my top 5 blazers, and a few tips on how to wear them…

1. £85, Topshop
2.£30, Topshop
3. £59.99, Zara
4. £19.99, New Look
5. £39.99, Zara

Choose a blazer to fit your body shape. If you’re curvaceous, choose a fitted shape that wont add inches to your frame. Keep it simple- small pockets. No fuss is best! If you are more boyish, you can get away with a boxy, cropped style.

Blazers are a fab item to take you from a work to an evening drink. If you are rocking a plain dress, putting a smart blazer over the top gives you an instant, polished look.

Only got time to pop on jeans and a tee? Add a blazer and heels! The blazer will totally transform the outfit in seconds, giving your ensemble a modern feel.

Make summer dresses work for your winter wardrobe with a blazer. Too cold to wear that sleeveless dress you brought in August? A blazer makes it wearable throughout the seasons.

My fave way of styling a blazer is like the Queen of Fashion SJP. A lace dress, on point heels, lots of jewellery, and a crisp white blazer rolled up at the sleeves. Perfection!

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