Every now and then a brand appears out of nowhere and becomes really big. Three Floor was a few years ago, and now its Self Portrait. Their stunning dresses are made mostly from guipure lace and are so feminine and eye-catching. The palette is usually neutrals, with a bit of blue and a dash of red.  They have been worn by hoards of celebs, from the Hollywood A List to TOWIE. The dresses although not cheap; are relatively inexpensive for a designer brand.
However, the dream team that is New Look have brought out this amazing number that is a dead ringer. It has a V neckline, the all important lace detail and has a great, skater shape. I am actually in love! Why spend £300 plus when you could get something so similar for a fraction of the price! £39.99 to be exact! I wore mine the other day with neutral heels (obvs) and my yellow Zara coat. Ive never had so many compliments on a dress! Get in the cue ladies, its in demand! They even make it in pale blue, which is a fabulous shade for Spring. 

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  1. I'm so delighted that I discovered your new blog - your old one was one of my favourites! This dress is beautiful & looks stunning on you! xx


  2. Oh wow thank you so much for remembering me! Thats so lovely :) Really glad you enjoyed the post- your blog is amazing just ad a read! xxxx