Glass Votive Candles


I love a candle. Always have. It started from quite a young age, where I would save up all my pocket money and buy my beloved Yankee candles. Oh the excitement I used to feel! My fave was the vanilla cupcake; it really was the sweetest of scents. 

Now I'm older, my candle taste has differed. Glass votive candles are now my fave, and I have amassed quite a collection which I pop all over my house. These are my three favourites and it occurred to me the other day that they look very similar. They all have that stylish feel that is highly chic in my humble opinion. 

First up is this little number from Next. It has the '&' printed on the glass and the candle inside is jasmine,honeysuckle and top notes of white lily. It really is a gorgeous,fresh smell and is a generous, reasonable size. It comes in a decorative box too- so a great gift for someone. 

Next we have the beauty that is Diptyque Roses. Now, yes these are highly expensive (£40) which does seem a huge amount for a candle. However the smell is just divine.. It fills the entire room when lit and is the freshest, prettiest scent I think I've ever come across. Coupled with the fact it looks great absolutely anywhere. It's a bit of luxury, but we all deserve a treat every now and again. 

Lastly, we have the initial candle from ASDA- which is just £2. It's slightly smaller than the rest, but it's diddy proportions doesn't really matter when it's sat on a shelf or a table. The only thing with this, it's really for aesthetic purposes only..... there's no scent at all sadly. But it looks cute and is an inexpensive accessory for your home decor. 

Are you a candle lover? Which ones do you love? 

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