Forest On the Roof


There’s always somewhere new and exciting to visit in London for dinner and drinks. Every week there’s a place everyone is talking about- and sometimes it’s nice to take a little wander and make a new discovery.

Although the Forest on the Roof has been open at Selfridges since December, I haven’t had a chance to go until this week. Its such a delightful little place! The rooftop bar is tucked right at the back of Selfridges, on the top floor, just to the left of the kids clothing section. It’s a bit of a mission to get up there, but when you do, it really is the most beautiful setting.

It’s basically a ‘Forest’ theme- (hence the namesake) and it reminds me hugely of a festive log cabin. When you arrive; you are greeted by a long corridor, which is decorated with twigs, logs and general tree foliage, incased with fairy lights. There's also woodland sounds playing- magical! It’s the most perfect place for an Instagram picture (everyone does it, don’t pretend you wouldn’t! Ha ha) its become a bit of a landmark online- the back drop is just too cool!

Inside the restaurant itself is just as pretty and aesthetically pleasing. It is an intimate setting- with twigs and bark decorating the walls and comfy seating. If you wanted to sit outside you can- there’s heaters, blankets and you can order an array of hot drinks or alcohol.

Inside, the food itself is typically British- steak, burgers, root vegetables, soups and roasts. The service was a tad slow, but the staff are friendly and helpful. To be honest, the setting and ambience is so wonderful I wouldn’t have cared if the food was basic. It really does feel like you aren’t in a department store at all!

We had steak and cocktails- a great combination; tasty and well presented. I would recommend booking as its very popular. Prices are reasonable too- prob on average about £18 a main. I would def visit again. However you need to go quickly; it finishes on Friday 29th April so don’t delay!

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