Dream Shoe List


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I constantly need shoes. Some women like chocolate. I like Shoes. My fave places on the high street for shoes has to be Zara, and Topshop. However, I always have a list of designer shoes that I lust after, at all times. This is my current list that I am swooning over, and this collection of beauties are my equivalent of prestige works of art.  All these shoes are what I would describe as ‘dress’ shoes; you wouldn’t wear them for your weekly trip to ASDA, put it that way.

I personally believe that shoes like this, although fiendishly expensive; are an investment as they truly update any outfit, and also, they last forever, as the materials used to make them are of exquisite quality. I put my pennies away for a lifetime – and the result is the best bit! Here’s my select … one can only dream!

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