Adult colouring books- worth the hype?


Adult colouring books have literally exploded on to the scene in the last couple of years; their popularity has grown more than ever. In fact, the trend is now so big, that many colouring books actually feature in bestseller lists. How crazy is that?

I admit I’ve jumped on this bandwagon- albeit a little late but yes, I’m here. And I have to say, I really do see what all the fuss is about.
Colouring-in, mostly symbolised by children at pre-school, is now a majoring factor in encouraging calmness in adults. Heck, some see it as therapy.  There really is something very soothing about the ‘art’ of colouring and shading; ensuring you stay well within the lines most definitely relaxes you. I think this is simply because you find yourself switching off from the worries you may have, focusing purely on completing your chosen page.

There’s many books out there to choose from; I must confess to amassing a rather large collection.  You can buy anything from Harry Potter to Dr. Who themed ones. My current faves however are of course Amazon's best selling The Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, and this delightful Parisian Street Style by Zoe De Las Cases. I love these two especially, simply because the pictures are amazing- so intricate and beautiful to look at, with or without colour!

In regards to the actual tools to use in creating your masterpiece, I would recommend gel pens, or fine line pens. Of course pencils still look grand, but if you want that polished, professional finish on your pictures, I would say give the pens a go. The Works do great inexpensive packs, so you wont need to break the bank!

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