DIY Shabby Chic TV


Keeping in with the shabby chic theme can be difficult at times. I head to all sorts of homeware stores for my shabby chic items and accessories- and you would be surprised where you can pick up some fabulous trinkets and bits and bobs! I love Dunelm, The Range and Matalan for inexpensive items, and Laura Ashley and House of Fraser for when I want to spend that little bit more. 

I did struggle however when trying to find a suitable TV for my bedroom. My bedroom is completely white. White walls, white  furniture, white bedsheets, the lot. So adding a TV? Bit of an eyesore. 

I went on a mission to find an appropriate appliance, and I actually received this lovely one for Christmas from my mum. Bless her heart. It's a decent size and is a crisp white colour as opposed to the generic black. 

I popped it on top of my chest of drawers and tried to jazz up the surrounding area with a birdcage, floral arrangement and Diptique candle but no, it still wasn't quite right. Then I had a brain wave! 

On ebay, you can buy mouldings. These are basically appliqué plaques that you can stick on to furniture! I was so impressed. 

You simply add a bit of superglue on to the back side of the plaque and press gently on to the TV frame (being extra carful of course)  I used these corner ones and this rose bouquet for the base as it matches well with my existing furniture. 

Not bad eh? It now actually looks kind of like a feature of the room! Such a cheap way to update your TV. Don't worry if you rather not buy a white TV, you can simply paint your existing one with chalk paint, however be careful with the sensors! 

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